The 3-year Bachelor of Arts (Communication) Degree (Accredited currently as a NQF Level 6
qualification; envisaged HEQSF Level 7) provides quality broad based education in the field of
communication studies at the undergraduate level. In order to ensure depth of knowledge within a chosen
field, our programme is structured to allow students to choose between a concentration of subjects in the
area of Corporate Communication or Media Studies.


The purpose of the Communication programme is:

  • To prepare Corporate Communication students to optimize and strategically manage the spectrum of communication activities and processes by an organization in order to achieve its corporate objectives;
  • To furnish Media Studies students with a broad knowledge and understanding of the dynamic and ever-changing media landscape, both locally and internationally.


The Communication Department’s mission is to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of
interpersonal, mass, and public communication contexts. We aim to equip students with the skills
necessary to function effectively in the world of media production and corporate communication, or to
study further towards a professional career in communication. We emphasize values such as integrity,
initiative, self-motivation, and confidence in speaking, writing and presenting.


Upon successful completion of the Communication programme graduates can expect the following:

  • The ability to optimize and strategically manage the spectrum of communication activities and processes generated by an organization in order to achieve its corporate objectives.
  • To be furnished with a broad knowledge and understanding of the dynamic and ever-changing media landscape, both locally and internationally.
  • In addition to academic knowledge gained, the following skills and values are encouraged: intra- and interpersonal growth, problem solving, critical/analytical thinking, organization, adaptability/flexibility, creativity, empathy and a sense of community based on a philosophy of service.


For further information, including graduate ttributes, employment prospects, further studies and a detailed breakdown of the concentration and components of curriculum, please download and see pages 58 to 69 of our Prospectus.

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