The 3-year BBA (Management) Degree (HEQSF-Level 7) provides a broad-based quality education in Management at an undergraduate level. The programme fosters in students the desire to learn, the ability to think clearly and express themselves effectively, the habit of analytical and reflective thought, and to prepare them for a career in today’s complex global organizations. Core modules covered in this programme include Principles of Management, Human Resource Management, Risk Management, Performance Management, Diversity Management, Leadership, International Management, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Behaviour, Business Finance, Operations Management and Business Strategies.

The purpose of the BBA Management programme is to provide graduates with the management, administrative, technological and department specific course work necessary to succeed in management and supervisory positions within the business environment surrounding their specific technical or professional field of study.

The mission of the Department of Management is develop highly effective, competent and capable graduates who are equipped with business management knowledge, skills and values who will contribute to the free enterprise system within a framework of moral and ethical guidelines.

Upon successful completion of the management degree programme graduates can expect the following:

  • Manage performance through an organisational culture.
  • Know how to coach workers to increase their performance.
  • Develop a structural thinking ability to translate management problems into tangible research questions.
  • Create a research project plan that include (i) problem identification (ii) research design (iii) data collection design (iv) sampling design (v) data analysis and solution generation.
  • Identify and evaluate an organization’s environment, its resources and competitive capabilities and opportunities for gaining sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Evaluate the implication of various strategies on functional action alternatives, make sound strategic decisions and function effectively as part of an organization’s strategy-implementing team.
  • Identify business opportunities and start new ventures.
  • Investigate the causes of new business failure and identify ways to reduce business failure.
  • Develop analytic and problem solving skills through participation in individual and group work projects.
  • Analyse and organize information.
  • Broaden intercultural sensitivity through diversity management.
  • Examine the monetary, trade and regulatory frameworks within which international business transactions take place.
  • Diagnose the multicultural and socio-economic aspects of the environments in which international firms operate.
  • Understand various elements of the business environment and responding to the ever-changing business environment.
  • Train students for leadership challenges and responsibilities.
  • Gain decision making and problem-solving skills needed to succeed in business.
  • Develop necessary skills for preparation of viable business plans, marketing plans, strategic plans, and preparation and interpretation of financial statements.
  • Managing people of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, conflict resolution, motivation, and leadership skills.
  • Masterwritten and oral communication skills, working in teams and team-building, trend tracking and management of change.

The BBA Management programme is structured to provide opportunities for successful graduates to develop the following knowledge, skills, competencies, attitudes and values as part of their learning and growth while at Helderberg College:

  • Acquire subject knowledge at NQF Level 7 in the area of Industrial Relations; Project Management, Supply and Purchases Management, Insurance and Risk Management, Performance Management, Diversity Management, Leadership, International Management, Organizational Behaviour, Production and Operations Management; Business Ethics; Business Research Methods & Research Project and Business Strategies.
  • The ability to locate, analyse, evaluate and synthesise information from a wide variety of sources in a planned and timely manner.
  • An ability to apply effective, creative and innovative solutions, both independently and cooperatively, to current and future problems.
  • Skills of a high order in interpersonal understanding, teamwork and communication.
  • A proficiency in the appropriate application of computer technologies.
  • A commitment to continuous learning and the capacity to maintain intellectual curiosity throughout life.
  • A commitment to the highest standards of professional endeavour and the ability to take a leadership role in the community.
  • An awareness of ethical, social and cultural issues within a global context and their importance in the exercise of professional skills and responsibilities.

This qualification enables graduates to pursue an Honours and/or Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Honours and /or Masters in Business Leadership, Honours and/or Masters in Human Resource Management, Honours and/or Masters in Production Management, Honours and/or Masters in Public Administration and other related fields.

With this qualification, successful graduates may be employed as Junior Managers in public, private and nongovernmental organizations with the potential to rise through middle to top management according to their individual capability. Other career options include Junior Human Resource Manager, Junior Operations and Production Manager, or becoming an entrepreneur.

Complete and pass all the required modules of the programme as outlined in the Prospectus with a minimum grade of 50%.
Submission of Work Integrated Learning (WIL) portfolio of evidence by the end of the Midterm Break of the final semester.
Comply with the requirements as contained in the Helderberg College Student Code of Conduct.

Further information can be found in our Prospectus under Downloads, pages 98 to 100.


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