The 3-year Diploma in Business Management (Management) programme (HEQF-Level 6) is designed to provide quality education in management at an undergraduate level. Some of the contents covered in this programme include: Principles of Management, Human Resource Management, Small Business Management, Performance Management, Industrial Relations, and Introduction to Finance.

The purpose of the Business Management Diploma in Management programme is:

  • To provide the student with a broad background knowledge of the free enterprise system within the framework of moral and ethical guidelines.
  • To assist the student to develop an understanding of the business environment.
  • To provide the student with academic education and business skills required for clerical level managerial jobs in business organization.
  • To provide the necessary academic background for entrance into a degree programme.

The mission of the Department of Management is to develop highly effective, competent and capable graduates who are equipped with business management knowledge, skills and values who will contribute to the free enterprise system within the framework of moral and ethical guidelines.

Upon successful completion of the Management diploma programme graduates can expect the following:

  • Demonstrate a broad background knowledge of the free enterprise system within the framework of moral and ethical guidelines.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the business environment.
  • Acquire appropriate academic education and business skills required for junior level managerial jobs in business organization.
  • Obtain the necessary academic background for entrance into a degree programme.
  • Demonstrate a combination of skills with values such as honesty, integrity, and dedication.

The Management diploma programme is structured to provide opportunities for successful graduates to develop the following knowledge, skills, competencies, attitudes and values as part of their learning and growth while at Helderberg College:

  • Acquire subject knowledge at NQF Level 6 in the areas of business accounting, managing stress, insurance and risk management, business communication, performance management, retail management, small business management, industrial relations, supply and purchase management and business ethics.
  • A commitment to continuous learning and sharing of knowledge, and the capacity to maintain intellectual curiosity;
  • Develop skills in understanding self, and interacting with people;
  • The ability to plan in advance and think strategically and independently;
  • A talent for clear expression, both oral and written.
  • Develop practical skills in forming good office etiquette and good work habits which include team work and presentation skills.
  • Develop job specific skills such as the ability to communicate information, via diverse media, to general audiences.
  • A commitment to the highest standards of endeavour and the ability to take on leadership roles.
  • An awareness of pertinent ethical, social and cultural issues and their importance in the exercise of professional skills and responsibilities.
  • Empowered to develop a spirit of service and commitment with integrity in their profession, and enriched to contribute to society with good citizenship.

This qualification enables successful learners to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Management and other related fields.

Apart from running their own enterprise, successful graduates may be employed as Junior Management in business organizations with the potential to rise through the middle level management according to individual capability. They could also work as trainee supervisors in business organizations.


  • Complete and pass all the required modules of the programme as outlined in the Prospectus with a minimum grade of 50%, except for all Accounting modules which require a minimum grade of 55%.
  • Submission of Work Integrated Learning (WIL) portfolio of evidence by the Midterm Break of the final semester.
  • Comply with the requirements as contained in the Helderberg College Student Code of Conduct.


More information can be found in our Prospectus, on pages 106 to 108, you can get that from our Downloads page.