The one year Higher Certificate in Office Management (NQF-level 5) is designed to prepare students for office positions such as personal assistants, administrative assistants, office managers, office secretaries and related careers.  Areas covered include subject knowledge at NQF level 5 in secretarial practice, office management, business administration, computing, basic accounting, economics, human resources management, marketing, supervision, communication, writing, and public relations.

Values and Skills

  • Cognitive skills in understanding self, interacting with people.
  • Practical skills in forming good work habits and office etiquette.
  • Job specific skills such as computer application, office technology, records management, office management, public relations, customer relations, event management.
  • Empowered to develop a spirit of service and commitment with integrity in their profession, and enriched to contribute to society with good citizenship.



  • Demonstrate professional skills in office administration, office systems, and knowledge of supervision concepts and practices of management.
  • Exhibit proficiency in keyboarding, computer applications and records management in order to expedite office work.
  • Gain an understanding of the fundamentals of economic principles, law, human resources management, marketing and entrepreneurship.
  • Apply basic knowledge of accounting procedures from journal entries up to trial balances.
  • Acquire interpersonal skills, communicate using office technology, and understand messages with a knowledge of self and conflict management.
  • Apply the concepts of public relations and demonstrate practical skill in planning and executing public relations events and working with people.


Further Studies
The higher certificate may lead to further studies in Diploma in Office Management or Diploma in Management.

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