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The study of theology as a preparation for ministry has been an important part of Helderberg College since its establishment in 1893 as Claremont Union College.  Since that time, the Faculty of Theology has trained over 2000 ministerial workers who have served both the SDA Church and the wider community both locally—within Southern Africa—and globally. The Faculty of Theology’s teaching staff is committed to academic rigor, excellent teaching and compassionate pastoral care. The staff in the Faculty of Theology comes from a variety of backgrounds, thus reflecting the diversity we encourage within our student body. We encourage both men and women, in response to the call of God, to attend Helderberg College to further their training and equipping for service.

The Faculty of Theology trains men and women for ministry in the Adventist Church as well as for other organisations (Public and private sectors). Various ethnic groups are represented in the student body as well as in the teaching staff, giving the students exposure to different cultures. This faculty offers three steams of concentration, namely Evangelism, Pastoral Care and Theological Studies. While each of these streams prepares the student for ministry, each provides its own area of emphasis and this result in a more diversified pastorate within the Adventist Church.  In keeping with the Adventist philosophy of education the faculty of theology promotes the spirit of service. To enhance the educational experience, the faculty provides monthly opportunities for students to attend seminars in which academic papers are presented by faculty, students, or invited guests. An annual lecture, named after Dr Izak Van Zyl, a retired lecturer, has been launched. Theology Students’ Association (TSA) in the Faculty functions as a support to the students and it caters for the spiritual, educational and social wellbeing of the students. The faculty also offers short courses.

A Platts – PhD (Systematic Theology)
Faculty Chairperson



- Bachelor of Arts: (BA Theology) - 4 year


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