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What does the SMP do?

Through the Student Manager Portal (SMP), staff will be able to access all their class module data, timetable/calendar, assessments/grades, class attendance, class communication & discussion, quizes and files for students to download (similar to Moodle).​ Much more will be included over time, including the library catalogue, financial data for students (synchronising with the Finance Department), and Registration. The system also allows us to easily submit our data for the biannual compulsary CHE submissions.


How do I login?

You must contact any of the IT Department Staff, and they will activate your account. You will receive an email to change your password. Further logins can be done by going to the Student Manager website. There is also a link at the top of our HBC website called SMP. If you forget your password, please go to the same login link and choose the forgotten password link.

--> REMEMBER: If you have never logged in berfore, it means you must activate your account first. Please contact the IT Department. You cannot just change your password if your account is not activated.


How do I see the Modules I am lecturing?

Login, and select the Modules menu. If there appears to be a problem, for example, a module you are teaching is missing, please contact the IT Department.


What are Assessments in the SMP?

Assessments in the SMP are no different from current assessments at Helderberg. To find the assessment area, view any module you have access to, click the "Helderberg College" tab, and then the "Assessments" tab. Primarily, assessments are all the tests, quizes, assignments, and other ways you assess students for that module. Assessments are generally graded, and just like in the old SR system, lecturers record their grades in the SMP Assessments area. Unlike the old SR system though, lecturers can record more than just their final grades for each student. With the SMP, continual assessment can now be recorded online thoughout the semester. When students complete assignments, their grades can be recorded, and they can access them online when the lecturer is ready to publish them.

--> IMPORTANT: If a lecturer does not add each assesment grade through the semester, they will still have to add at least one final grade assessment at the end of each semester. This final assessment is the overall grade the student receives for that module. The same way the lecturer adds the final grades to the old SR program, so they must their final grade to the SMP. Only the SMP will be used for adding grades in the second semester.


How do I add assessments?

It is very important to add assessments as these allow you to calculate the final grade of a student. Even if you end up grading your assignments and test elsewhere (outside of SMP), you must add at least one assessment to SMP which will be the final grade of the student. So it is best to add all your assessments to SMP, so we have a solid database of a student's progress at HBC. Also, it makes it easier for students to see their grades.

1. Login, go to the Modules Menu, select a module and choose the link "View" next to the module code on the right. Always take note on the top right when you view a module that the year is correct (in this case 2016).

2. Choose the "Helderberg College" tab



3. Now choose the Assessments tab.



4. Now, "Add Assessment". It is not too important what the assessment is, the main issue is what the weight and grade is for that particular assessment. Generally the total weight of all your assigments, tests and exams, comes to 100% for the semester. Each assessment carries a particular weight. If you had five assignments and one exam for the semester, then each assignment could be 10% (sub total of 50%), and the final exam could be out of 50%. This would give a total of 100% once you add the assignments and exam together. The bottom line is whatever all your assignments are weighted, they must all have a combined total of 100.


A = Most assisgnments and test throughout the semester will be "Formative", while a final exam will nearly always be "Summative".

B = Is the assessment theory or practical? This does not effect the background running of the SMP or the grade. It is just a label.

C = Most methods are going to be "marks", where a percentage grade is achieved by a student. The "Competency" setting will allow an "S" or "U", to be provided (Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory). The S or U does not effect the overall grades of a student, it just provides a marker to suggest the student achieved a satisfactory or unsatisfactory status for the module. We do not use "Rating" at HBC, so do not select this option.

D = Name your assessment.

E = A code can be added, though you can also just leave this out.

F = What is the assessment total grade out of? For example, if your assignment was out of 30 marks, then you would add 30 to this field.

G = Weighting is very important. Please contact the IT Department if you do not understand it. Each of your assessments throughout the semester are worth a particular percentage of the total semester. Your exam may be 50% of your total grade, and you may have five other assessments at 10% each. So, 10% x 5 for each assessment, comes to a total of 50%. This means you have 50% for the exam, and another 50% for your five assessments, providing the total of 100% for your semester total grade. So, in this example, your weighting percentage will be 50 if it was the exam. If you were adding a weighting percentage for your other assessments, you would add 10 as the percentage. Whatever your weighting is, it MUST always be a whole number. You cannot use decimal numbers, such as 2.5 or 11.6. Each assessment must be a whole number like 2 or 11 or 50, etc.


How do I add a grade for an assessment?

Under the assessments tab (Modules > View > Helderberg College > Assessments), choose an assessment you have previously setup. Select the "Grade" link on that particular assessment. The students in that module will appear and you can add their grades. Don't forget to save them. ONCE YOU HAVE ADDED THE GRADES, DO NOT FORGET TO CHOOSE "PUBLISH". If you do not publish that assessment's grades, then the saved grades will not show up in the student portal. This allows you to save the grades and still work on them at a later time without students seeing the grades. Once you want students to see the grades, click the publish button.



How do I create a Quiz Assessment?

1. Login, and go to Modules > View > Details > Add Paper



2. Adding a paper is another way of adding a Quiz.



3. Now add questions to the quiz. Currently there are multiply choice questions and single or essay question options. If you wish to create a True/False question, then use the multiple choice option, and use two answers, either True or False, one being the correct answer.

4. Once the quiz is complete, please return to the module assessment tab - Modules > View > Helderberg College > Assessments.

5. Now create or add an assessment. If you are unsure, please follow the instructions above to add one. You will likely create a "Test" or "Exam" assessment.

6. Once the assessment has been created, choose the "Dates, Papers and Mode" link on the assesment.



7. Now a drop down tab will appear, and you can set the date & time that assessment will show or start, and then under "Paper" choose to link the quiz you create. The date/time is important as you do not want students accessing the quiz before the time specified.


How do I add documents, files and web links for students to view?

The eLearning part of SMP is similar to Moodle. Though unlike Moodle, in the SMP, your modules are already created, and you do not have to add them manually. Students also do not have enroll, as if they are already registered and enrolled for a module when they choose to do certain courses at the beginning of the semester.

1. Under your Modules menu > View > Helderberg College > e-Learning tab

2. Select "Add Post"

3. Add a title and a description or content to whatever you are planning to share with students (content is optional). To upload files, now scroll down to the link.


4. Now you can upload files and add links to the post. Multiple files can be uploaded concurrently.

5. When you add a post, then save it, the post will be published by default. So any files added to a post will be seen by your students automatically. If you do not want them to see a post or the files in it, then unpublish it.



Also under the "Options" of a post, you can delete the whole post. If you select edit, you can add or delete individual files to a post.


If you select the "Seen By" option, this will allow you to see which students in your module have looked at that particular post. You can see how many times a student has looked at it as well.



There is no weekly structure for me to upload my e-Learning content?

In Moodle there is an obvious weekly structure. In SMP, you can create your own weeks. Under the e-Learning tab, you can create a post, and call it "Week 1", then another post, and call that "Week 2", etc. So you can create your own weekly structure, and add files directly under those "weekly" posts. As most lecturers do not use the weekly structure, we have not pushed for this feature to be added.


How do I mark absentieesm or record class attendance?

Obviously some lecturers have their own method on taking a class register. It is advised that however you collect your information, you eventually record it in SMP. This allows for a history to be built up over the years for our students, and not get lost from one class to another.

To record class attendance, login to SMP, then go a particular module you wish to take the class register for. Click View > Helderberg College > Attendance. Select the day/time of your class.

It is important to note the Absentieesm system in SMP is linked directly with the Time Table. So, the TT needs to be populated with a particular module and a lecturer assigned to that module. If the TT is not complete for a particular module, then a lecturer will be unable to take a register for their class. Please contact the IT Department if you find incorrect or missing calendar information.