We have changed to using Turnitin directly from their website, and not through Moodle anymore.

If you have used Turnitin at Helderberg College, then you must reset your password on their website, and you do not have to setup a new account.

Instructions on how to sign in to the Turnitin website are below.


RETURNING STUDENT (This means you have used Turnitin with Moodle last year 2015)

1. Go to the Turnitin reset password page - click this link.

2. Add your HBC email address to the first field, and then your LASTNAME or SURNAME to the second field. An email will be sent to your HBC email account.

3. Click on the link provided in the email, and choose a new password for your Turnitin account. Please try to make it different from your email account, and it must contain at least 6 characters with a letter and one number.

4. The final link sends you to login to Turnitin. If it did not, please choose this link: login to Turnitin.

5. Login with your HBC EMAIL ADDRESS, and your newly created Turnitin password.

6. Choose a secret password and answer. This is a personal question and answer that only you know, and will help when you need to possibly reset your Turnitin password. Submit your answer when complete.

7. Done! You will now see all the classes you have previously been in. When a lecturer creates a Turnitin assignment, you will be given a Class ID number and an enrollment password by that lecturer. EACH class will have a different ID and password that the lecturer provides you.


NEW TURNITIN STUDENT (This means you have never used Turnitin at Helderberg before)

NOTE: ONLY signup with Turnitin when your lecturer has provided you with a Turnitin Class ID and Enrollment Password. If the lecturer has not given a Turnitin assignment yet, then don't expect to have an ID or Enrollment password yet. Wait for the lecturer to supply one to you, then you can proceed to signup with Turnitin.

You need to create a new Turnitin student account, please click this link, and follow the instructions. Remember, do not create an account until you have a Class ID and enrollment password from any lecturer that requires you to login to Turnitin.


How to enroll in a Turnitin Class?

Your lecturer must provide you with a Class ID and Enrollment Password before you can enroll into a Turnitin class.

When you have logged into Turnitin, choose to enroll in a class.

After you choose to enroll, you will be asked for the Class ID and Enrollment Password. Once you enroll, you will immediately have access to the class.

Click the Class Name, and you will be able submit your assingment.