HCHE Lecturing Staff Research Outputs

HCHE Lecturing Staff Research Outputs

Helderberg College of Higher Education’s academic staff, in addition to teaching and learning, mentoring, and community engagement activities, are actively involved in scholarly research. During 2017 we celebrated the publication of a number of research outputs, sharing the knowledge and experience generated by HCHE staff with the broader academic community. Below are some of the academic staff and their recent research outputs.


Harnessing the Power of Ecopsychology in Community Work
Conrad Zygmont, PhD

Dr Conrad Zygmont co-authored a chapter titled “Harnessing the Power of Ecopsychology in Community Work” in an edited book published by Springer, entitled “Emancipatory and Participatory Methodologies in Peace, Critical, and Community Psychology”. He also co-authored a scholarly journal article titled “A phenomenographic study of factors leading to variation in the experience of a school-based wilderness experiential programme” in the South African Journal of Psychology.


African Funerary Rituals
Simbarashe Musvosvi, DMin

Dr Simbarashe Musvosvi authored a chapter titled “African Funerary Rituals: Their function and propriety for Adventist believers” in a book titled “Culture, Adventist Theology and Missions in Africa”. He also presented a paper titled “Authority: The Bible or the Religious Teacher” at the 2nd International Conference on Adventist Theology and Mission in Africa, held at the University of Africa.


Dictionary of Defined Terms and Texts (Concise and Expanded)
Leander Chalice, MA

Pr Leander Chalice published a two-volume book set entitled, “Dictionary of Defined Terms and Texts (Concise and Expanded)”, which provide over 5 000 definitions and explanations likely to be useful to a range of biblical scholars from the seminary lecture theater to the living room bible study. An external reviewer praised the volumes as providing a balanced critical evaluation of topics on which there is disagreement and covering a wide scope of topics related to Biblical Archaeology, Linguistics, Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic, Biblical Greek, Church History, and Biblical and Theological Studies.

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