Students who wish to be met at the airport, train or bus station should notify the Admissions Office or College Reception well in advance of the place, date and time of arrival. For first year, first semester student only, the College offers FREE transport to the campus once they arrive at the airport, train or bus station to our campus.  Travel arrangements should be made ahead of time so that the student does not arrive late.

If you would like information about additional transport services available while on campus, please see the Taxis & Transportation link in our Services menu.

Residence Accommodation:

The three-story Salisbury House provides accommodation for about 115 men for both College and High School students. The facility includes a lounge, laundry, wireless internet.

Anne Visser House accommodates 138 women in College and High School. The facility includes a lounge, chapel, sun deck and laundry.  Contact the Admissions Office for further information.

Please note: Only final year students have a choice of living in a single room. First year students stay in double rooms.

Married Student Housing:

Limited housing facilities are available for married full-time students. Enquiries regarding student housing should be directed to the Director for Financial Administration. Married accommodation can only be reserved if the applicant meets all entrance requirements for a proposed course, has applied and been accepted.  Contact the Admissions Office for more information.


On the lower floor of Glanz Hall, Helderberg operates a well-equipped cafeteria, where three vegetarian meals per day are served.  More information can be found here.