The Faculty of of social sciences and education: a place to learn, connect and grow in the fundamentals of a well rounded education.
Welcome to our nurturing environment in the field of social sciences, humanities, and education. Here we aim to equip students with a wide range of professional and interpersonal skills which include spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical elements.
Our small classes help us create spaces in which students can discuss, work together, and learn from their lecturer academically and spiritually.
It’s our goal to enlighten, inspire and ultimately assist you in reaching your own career and personal goals.
We look forward to meeting you!


Programme offerings:

BCom (Communication) – Corporate Communication

BCom (Communication) – Media Studies

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) – Counselling

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) – Industrial Psychology

BEd (Foundation Phase Teaching)

The Faculty of Business is an incubator for sharp minds who are born problem solvers and want to pursue a thrilling career in business.

Our experienced lecturers are dedicated to growing and mentoring our students, and our small classes are ideal for personalized attention.
We are committed to warmly welcoming each student and to walk with them through their academic and spiritual journey at Helderberg.


Programme offerings:

BCom (Accounting)

BBA (Management)

BCom (HR Management)

HCom (Higher Certificate in Office Management)

Our Faculty of Theology is the home of spiritual learning at Helderberg College. Here we provide each student with the relevant skills needed to become a spiritual leader within the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The programme is broad-based, which allows the student to develop specific skills. Furthermore, broad-based learning also equips the student to be critical, analytical and an innovative thinker. It also encourages inter-disciplinary learning.
Both the academic knowledge and necessary skills developed will help our graduates study further in areas such as systematic theology, practical theology, and biblical languages.

The programme contributes to an ongoing need in the development of communities – assisting students in making a positive and a meaningful contribution to society.

Programme offerings:

BA (Theology)


Our English Language programme was created to equip young men and women with not only the skill, but the confidence to communicate fluently in spoken and written English.

We’ve created a space for students that is loving, respectful and dignified, where all levels from beginners to advanced will flourish and in turn give back to their own communities with care and compassion. Learn with us! Start today!



Begin your journey of quality education and join the Helderberg College Family. We look forward having you grow and learn with us.