The programme designed to open your mind to the minds of others! Consider this three-year degree the perfect platform for a longer term of study in Psychology, or as the ideal basis for a broad and well-rounded humanities education. Students are able to choose between a specialised focus in either Counselling or Industrial Psychology.

3 YEARS NQF Level 7


Programme Purpose

The purpose of the Communication programme is:

• To encourage and establish independent, critical thinkers that are prepared for service in the community.
• To equip students with the necessary theoretical knowledge in psychology and with experience in the use of statistics and research methodological tools.
• To provide students with the opportunity to integrate theory and practice in the discipline of Psychology.


Qualifications Outcomes

Students will be taught to:


Information Process

The ability to process large amounts of information and reproduce it concisely in written, spoken or image format.

Literacy Proficiency

The language ability to write for various media forms as well as literacy proficiency in academic and report writing.

Information Process

Research, plan, promote and execute a public relations event as well as a write for broadcast communication.

Corporate Communication

Analyse the effectiveness of organizational communication within a corporation and write up a report, including recommendations.

Research reports

The ability to research topics effectively and produce research reports in the correct format.


The ability to analyse individual and group behaviour through teamwork.

Problem solving

The ability to reason, solve problems, think critically and analytically, organize information, plan and make use of mnemonic techniques, such as mind maps.

Media Studies

Research, plan and produce a television or radio programme and a newsletter or magazine.

Graduates can expect to leave this degree with the following valuable skills:

• An understanding of a broad range of influential theories from various schools of psychology, and from a holistic Christian perspective on human functioning, potential and restoration.
• Cognitive and affective abilities valuable in learning, reasoning and problem solving, as well as intercultural communication, conflict management, leadership and teamwork competency,
• A commitment to conducting themselves with integrity, dependability, fidelity, attention to detail, perseverance, and a strong sense of work ethic.

Graduates from the BA Psychology degree from Helderberg are well placed to articulate to an Honours programme in Psychology at any reputable South African higher education institute. This path can lead either to an internship Clinical / Counselling Master’s degree, or a research Master’s degree in the field.


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