BA Theology

If your love of God, the Church, and your fellow man has urged you to study our faith more deeply, the perfect degree is ready for you here at Helderberg. This stimulating, inspiring and satisfying programme will feed your mind and soul alike, whilst preparing you for a life in service of the Church.

4 YEARS NQF Level 7

Programme Purpose

The purpose of this programme is:

  • To equip students to be pastors in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, as well as preparing students for post-graduate work in the various theological disciplines.
  • To foster the knowledge and love of God by training value-driven leaders for the church and society at large.

Qualifications Outcomes



A broad understanding and appreciation of the field of Theology, incorporating the following theological disciplines: Systematic Theology, Practical Theology, Biblical Studies, Missiology and Pastoral Care.


The ability to think and reason theologically with an appreciation of the probable impact of differing theoretical theological models with regard to both faith and behaviour.


An understanding and basic proficiency in Biblical Greek and Hebrew (the languages of the Bible).


An in-depth understanding of the Seventh-day Adventist theology its practical aspects, and its application in a Southern African context.


Theoretical knowledge and understanding of the essential components of the Christian faith.

Graduate Attributes:

The ability to apply the theoretical content as well as the practical aspects of the programme into local churches and pastoral districts, especially in a Southern African context with an awareness of cultural, ethnic, class, gender and generational distinctions.

The following commitments, acknowledging the limitations in assessing and instilling specific attitudes in graduates:

  1. A commitment to conducting pastoral duties with integrity and fidelity;
  2. A commitment to behaving with total professionalism, keeping confidences, showing a strong work ethic, and treating others with respect and understanding;
  3. A commitment to personal spiritual development and growth by living the faith, heartfelt prayer and Bible study; and
  4. A commitment to understanding and applying the notion of servant leadership, recognising the requisite need for constant humility in this role.

Further Studies:

Post graduate studies can be pursued in the following areas:
Systematic Theology
Biblical languages
New and Old Testament
Church History
Pastoral Ministry
Youth Ministry
Pastoral Clinical Care
Pastoral Counselling

Employment Opportunities:

The successful graduate may be eligible for employment in pastoral ministry within the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Other related areas of ministerial work include Chaplain, Pastoral Counsellor, Teacher/ lecturer, Evangelist and Community worker, or project management.



Bachelor of Arts in Theology


BIB 165 Biblical Greek I (12 credits)

BIB 265 Biblical Greek II (12 credits)

BIB 230 Biblical Exegesis I (8 credits)

BIB 285 Biblical Hebrew I (12 credits)

BIB 385 Biblical Hebrew II (12 credits)

REB 110 OT Studies I: Law & Writings (12 credits)

REB 216 OT Studies II: Early Prophets (8 credits)

REB 237 NT Studies I: Gospels (8 credits)

REB 316 OT Studies III: Latter Prophets (8 credits)

REB 320 Apocalyptic Studies I: Daniel (8 credits)

REB 330 History of Earth & Life (8 credits)

REB 338 NT Studies II: Acts & Epistles (8 credits)

REB 431 Apocalyptic Studies II: Revelation (12 credits)

REB 439 NT Studies III: Acts & Epistles (8 credits)

REH 424 Church History (16 credits)

REH 441 History of the SDA Church (12 credits)

REM 281 Missiology I: African Studies & Multicultural Ministry (12 credits)

REM 381 Missiology II: Urban Ministry & Community Development (12 credits)

REM 481 Missiology III: Missions & World Religions (12 credits)

REP 103 Pastoral Practicum I (8 credits)

REP 104 Management Strategies for Ministry (8 credits)

REP 203 Pastoral Practicum II (8credits)

REP 210 Pastoral Counselling I (12 credits)

REP 231 Homiletics & Liturgy I (12 credits)

REP 232 Homiletics & Liturgy II (12 credits)

REP 235 Principles of Evangelism (12 credits)

REP 303 Pastoral Practicum III (8 credits)

REP 311 Pastoral Counselling II (12 credits)

REP 325 Moral Philosophy & Ethics (12 credits)

REP 388 Studies in Denominational Finance (8 credits)

REP 427 Pastoral Ministry & Leadership (12 credits)

REP 429 Evangelism Field School (12 credits)

RET 103 Systematic Theology I: Introduction to Theology & Hermeneutics (12 credits)

RET 251 Systematic Theology II: God & Man (12 credits)

RET 347 Systematic Theology III: Christology (12 credits)

RET 462 Life & Teachings of EG White (12 credits)

RET 477 Systematic Theology IV: Church & Sabbath (12 credits)

BHS 145 Research Methodology & Design (8 credits)

BHS 326 Research Paper I (12 credits)

BHS 426 Research Paper II (12 credits)



BHS 151 Philosophy of Education & Service (8 credits)

CPT 118 End User Computing I (8 credits)

CPT 125 End User Computing II (12 credits)

ENG 111 Principles of English I (16 credits) & ENG 112 Principles of English II (16 credits)

OR  142  Academic Writing (16 credits) [Based on National Benchmark Test score]

HLD 122 Principles of Health: Theology (8 credits)

HLD 123 HIV/AIDS Education (4 credits)

PSY 101 Fundamentals of Psychology (12 credits)


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