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The Bachelor of Arts (Theology) programme is to provide a student with the necessary skills to perform the basic functions of a spiritual leader within the Christian context of pastoral ministry. The student is provided with the academic knowledge and accompanying skills which will enable the pursuit of further studies in the areas of systematic theology, practical theology, and biblical languages.

Apart from the core subjects the student can choose from two concentrations. Each provides the basic training necessary for pastoral ministry employment in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Concentration are offered in the areas of Biblical Exegesis which includes added training in biblical languages and exegetical skills, and Pastoral Care which provides additional training in psychology and pastoral counselling. The programme is broad-based, which allows the student not only to develop specific skills, but also to be able to make a contribution to the community at large. Furthermore, broad-based learning also equips the student to be critical, analytical and an innovative thinker. It also encourages inter-disciplinary learning.

Although there are other institutions that offer similar programmes, Helderberg College, however, as a provider of Private Higher Education, sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, provides employees for its church organization within the context of the Seventh-day Adventist Church philosophy on education. This concept will not compromise the requirements of a broad-based programme of education in Theology. It provides the basic competencies as required for this qualification. The programme provides the training in critical and analytical thinking that contributes to values of society.

The programme also contributes to an ongoing need in the development of communities, as skills are imparted that will assist the student in making a positive and a meaningful contribution, particularly in the area of moral regeneration proposed by government.


– Bachelor of Arts: (BA Theology) – 4 year

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Adrian Platts, PhD
Faculty Dean

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