• Is a degree from Helderberg College of Higher Education comparable to a degree from a public university?

Yes, it is, indeed. The degrees you can get at a private and public university are all accredited by the same accrediting agency called the Council on Higher Education. Both private and public higher education institutions must fulfil exactly the same quality criteria to obtain the accreditation. So our qualifications are definitely equivalent to those of public universities.

• Is this College only for Christians or Seventh-day Adventists?

No. Helderberg College of Higher Education welcomes all men and women irrespective of church affiliation, race, gender, age or nationality who are willing to live in harmony with the goals, principles, standards, ethos and traditions of the institution.

• Is HCHE more expensive than public universities?

No! We have done a careful comparison of our fees with state-operated universities. Surprise, surprise – we charge more or less the same, sometimes even less!

• What about bursaries and scholarships – how can I finance my studies?

As a private institution run by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, HCHE does not receive any government subsidies, but is financed by tuition and, to an extent, by the Southern Africa Union Conference. We offer a certain number of work bursaries, which means you can partly subsidise your own studies by working on the campus, for example in the library, cafeteria or as a reader for a department. We also offer a few scholarships to deserving students, so study hard and you may be in for a reward

• Can I do an Honours or Master’s degree in South Africa when I graduate?

Yes, you may, since all of our undergraduate degrees are at the same NQF level as those of other South African universities. Our degrees are carefully designed so that they articulate into Honours or Master’s degrees at other universities. In fact, because of our high standards, small classes and individual attention, many of our graduates have found that they are more advanced than their undergraduate peers from other institutions!