The Helderberg College Of Higher Education Council

Members of the Council

The Chairperson: The President of Sothern African Union (SAU)
The Secretary: The College President
The Executive Secretary of the SAU will serve as the Vice-Chair.
In the absence of the President the Vice-Chair shall serve as the Chairperson of the Council.

The Council shall consist of 26 (twenty‑six) members made up as follows: 
The President, Executive Secretary and the Chief Financial Officer of the Southern African Union Conference (SAU); (3)
The Education Director, the Youth Director and the Ministerial Secretary of SAU; (3)
All the Presidents of the Local Conference/Field Presidents; (8)
Selected Professionals such as: Academia, Business Strategist, Government Official, Legal expert, Financial Analyst all who are not employed by the SAU or any of its subsidiary organizations from the territory of the SAU; (5)
Education Director of the Sothern Africa Indian Ocean; (1)
The President, Vice-President: Academic Administration, Director of Financial Administration, Director of Student Services of HCHE and one Staff Representative; (5)
Student Representative (SRC President) (1)
The President of the Alumni Association of the College shall be an invitee to the Council as non-voting member. 

The names of the members of the Council are attached.

The Council Committees

The College Council shall consist of the following committees of the Council with specific terms of reference who will study the reports submitted by the College administrators and make recommendations and plans to the College Council.

  • Governance
  • Academic
  • Finance
  • Student Services
  • Human Resources
  • Advancement & Marketing