Higher Certificate in Office Management

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Office managers and office secretaries are the backbone of a business. They provide support to make the office run smoothly. If you want to be organized, efficient and reliable, then join this programme for a fulfilling career. The skills you will learn could stand you in good stead to run your own business one day!

Programme Purpose

  • To provide training in secretarial and office administration for both first time job seekers and employees with experience who wish to advance their careers

  • To develop practical skills in computer applications

  • To cultivate communication skills in interacting within the organization and with clients

  • To gain expertise in office procedures and managing a technology driven office

  • To train and develop office secretaries who are ethical persons of integrity

Qualification Outcomes

The Higher Certificate in Office Management will prepare you with:

  • Expertise in planning and facilitating the creation and management of correspondence and records management using office technology
  • The ability to apply management principles to carry out office duties; analyse and understand customer queries to provide top customer service
  • Good office etiquette and disciplined work habits
  • Presentation and communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal within a diverse work environment
  • The fitness to work in teams and departments of the business using appropriate channels of communication
  • The understanding of office procedures and office systems in performing the executive functions of the business

Degree Details

1 YEAR NQF Level 5

Career opportunities

You can get a variety of jobs in an office environment upon completion of this certificate:

  • Office Manager
  • Office Secretary
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Personal Assistant
  • Customer Relations Officer
  • Accounts Clerk
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Front Office Manager


You will be qualified to do the following degrees:

  • Advanced Certificate in Office Management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Management
HOM 115 Office Management IA (12 credits) NQF 5

The module focuses on the principles and skills necessary for success in a contemporary office. It covers office design and layout, health and safety in the work place and ergonomics. It also covers scheduling appointments, event management, meetings, postal services, travel arrangement, handling group conflict and effective time management.

HOM 116 Office Management IB (12 credits) NQF 5

The module is an introduction to supervision and office records management. It focuses on essential supervisory skills and fundamental principles of office records management of both paper and electronic records which are essential for managing a contemporary office. It covers the decision making process, supervisory planning and organizing; understanding and managing workgroups. It also includes the different methods of filing systems and simulated exercises for practical application.
Prerequisite: HOM 115 Office Management IA

HOM 120 Business Computing IA (12 credits) NQF 5

The student will master both the alphabetic and numeric keyboarding on the computer by touch. Basic micro-computer skills will be presented. The emphasis is on accuracy and a speed of 25 words a minute. Computerized diagnostic tests identify individual weaknesses and levels of proficiency. The module will introduce the basic functions of MS word in typing simple documents.

HOM 121 Business Computing IB (12 credits) NQF 5

This module covers MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It consists of useful exercises that can be applied in the office. Students are required to create, edit and format a wide variety of documents, spreadsheets and presentations, that can range from being uncomplicated to thought provoking in complexity. Content is presented in a practical way, and all assessments are practical. In MS Word, multi-page research papers, reports, tables, flyers and bulletins are some of the documents which will be created, edited, and formatted. In MS Excel, numeric data will be entered edited and formatted. A wide range of formulas will be used to make simple to complex calculations. The appearance of the data will also be enhanced with the use of charts and tables. In MS PowerPoint, slide show presentations will be created and edited with the use of images, video clips and sound effects. A huge variety of objects, animations, and transitions will also be used to improve the delivery of presentation
Prerequisite: HOM 120 Business Computing IA or a placement test

HOM 135 Business Administration IA (12 credits) NQF 5

This module is an introduction to the business environment. The following topics will be covered: creating a business, financing a business, marketing a business and managing a business. It exposes the student to the basics of economic structures, international trade, entrepreneurship, securities, marketing concepts, management functions, human resource management, and information technology and operations management.

HOM 136 Basic Law (12 credits) NQF 5

The module equips the student to perform a variety of responsible legal and human resources functions. It provides a suitable background understanding of the litigation procedures and court structure. It covers contracts, offers and acceptances, leases, sales, credit agreements, and employment. Topics covered include recruitment, selection, training, motivation, labour relations and direction of employees with a view to maintaining their productivity and morale at high levels.
Prerequisite: HOM 135 Business Administration IA

HOM 145 Communication IA (8 credits) NQF 5

The module focuses on the study of the communication process, the interpersonal and intercultural, channels of communication and the self-concept. It will also cover verbal and nonverbal communication, barriers to communication and listening. The students will acquire practical knowledge to apply these principles to everyday interactions.

HOM 146 Communication IB (12 credits) NQF 5

The module focuses on writing correctly and the essentials of effective communication. It emphasizes the different forms of business correspondence, and affords the opportunity to plan, compose and revise writing. It includes language usage, mechanics, the communication process, channels and principles of semantics. 
Prerequisite: HOM 145 Communication IA

HOM 155 Work Integrated Learning A (8 credits) NQF 5

These modules provide an exposure to the workplace. It gives the students an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills learned to real work situations in an organization. Areas of work may include typing, records management, office management, arranging meetings, events, scheduling appointments, customer care, accounts, emails, database, compiling documents, reports and public relations.

HOM 156 Work Integrated Learning B (4 credits) NQF 5

These modules provide an exposure to the workplace. It gives the students an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills learned to real work situations in an organization. Areas of work may include typing, records management, office management, arranging meetings, events, scheduling appointments, customer care, accounts, emails, database, compiling documents, reports and public relations.

HOM 170 Introduction to Public Relations (12 credits) NQF 5

An introductory module that emphasizes the process and practice of public relations (hereinafter PR) in contemporary business and not-for-profit institutions. The scope, development and practice of PR is covered. The concepts in PR that are dealt with are: research, planning of a PR event, effective execution of an event and evaluation of public relations effectiveness. Effective print-ready messages for the mass media and electronic media are taught against the background of a real-life PR event.

HOM 180 Basic Accounting (12 credits) NQF 5

This is an introduction to basic accounting module, designed to equip with skills necessary to keep and maintain a set of accounts from source documentation and books of prime entry to trial balance. Topics covered include: Value Added Tax (VAT) the rules of double entry, subsidiary journals, the general ledger and trial balance, bookkeeping for different inventory systems, as well as bank and creditors reconciliations. This course will provide skills for the student to be able to process monthly financial transactions and will provide the essential accounting tools for the workplace. During the course students will practice entering data into journals, posting to ledgers, balancing the ledgers, performing trial balances, and entering adjustments into the records.


HLD 123 HIV/AIDS Education (4 credits)

This module provides a study on the key components surrounding HIV infection, care and management. In a country where more than 1 in 5 people are HIV positive, this module shares skills training for prevention, information dissemination and basic counselling in HIV and AIDS. This pandemic touches the lives and workplaces of every African; this module aims to help prevent, manage and mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS both in the workplace and community.

REB 117 Values, Character, & Personal Enrichment I (8 credits)

This module focuses on the importance of
values and character as essential ingredients of successful career and personal enrichment. In line with the mission of the institution to provide values-based education this module covers the values necessary in citizenship, workplace and in personal life. It also covers the values as outlined in the United Nations Charter, and the Christian worldview. The module further explores inward disciplines such as prayer and personal devotions; outward disciplines such as community engagement; and corporate disciplines such as stewardship of environment and abilities, and moral philosophy.

Faculty & Staff

Lynda Injety
Dean, Faculty of Business

Mary Ndhlovu

Yenny Tito de Harris
Senior Lecturer

Sandra Tshabalala
Junior Lecturer

Maritu Wagaw

Ronelle Hamilton
Junior Lecturer

Mariè Heyns

Mitchell Masitise

Gelyn Musvosvi
Associate Professor

Contract Lecturers

Sophia Reuban
Contract Lecturer

Madelyn Smit
Contract Lecturer

Vincent Injety

Lebohang Pani
Contract Lecturer

Rico Plaatjies
Contract Lecturer

Jayaraj Reuban
Contract Lecturer


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