The purpose of the programme is to prepare students for positions such as office secretaries, office managers, office administrators, and related careers. It is designed to equip students with competencies at NQF Level 5 in the areas of secretarial practice, office management, business administration, information technology, basic accounting, economics, human resources management, supervision, communication, writing, and public relations. It provides training for both first-time job seekers and for experienced employees who do not have a qualification but wish to advance in their careers.

The programme has the required knowledge mix of theory and knowledge of procedure appropriate for the discipline. The competencies that will be developed include work based skills which will be facilitated through Work Integrated Learning (WIL). Students will be exposed to knowledge of the business environment and will be empowered with the ability to perform basic office management skills essential to effective office administration. They will be able to demonstrate practical skills in computer applications.


To develop office managers with professional knowledge and skills in office administration. Graduates will be able to serve organizations in the business sector and society at large with competency and integrity.


  • A focus on practical knowledge and skills training in computer applications, Microsoft Word, office management, records management and office technology.
  • Training in basic accounting concepts and framework from journal entries up to trial balance.
  • Planning, expediting, and facilitating the production and management of correspondence and records, assist in financial operations, and supervise office personnel in a technological environment.
  • Understanding the fundamentals of economic principles and nurture/foster entrepreneurial traits.
  • An opportunity to combine knowledge and skills with on-the-job training in the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) component.
  • Empowerment to develop efficient work habits and service skills based on integrity, respect and love.


  • Acquire subject knowledge at NQF Level 5 in the areas of public relations, sales management, retails management, promotional strategies, advertising, and consumer behaviour and business ethics.
  • A commitment to continuous learning and sharing of knowledge, and the capacity to maintain intellectual curiosity.
  • Develop skills in understanding self, and interacting with people.
  • The ability to plan in advance and think strategically and independently.
  • Gain a talent for clear expression, both oral and written.
  • Develop practical skills in forming good office etiquette and good work habits which include team work and presentation skills.
  • Develop expertise in the ability to communicate information, via diverse media, to general audiences.
  • A commitment to the highest standards of endeavour and the ability to take on leadership roles.
  • An awareness of pertinent ethical, social and cultural issues and their importance in the exercise of professional skills and responsibilities.


A graduate of this programme can articulate vertically to an Advanced Certificate in Office Management, Business Management (NQF Level 6), or a qualification on NQF Level 6 in a related field. A graduate of this programme can articulate horizontally and enter a cognate programme on NQF Level 5, subject to compliance with the rules of access for that programme. The programme also serves as an introduction to various fields in business which may interest and prepare graduates to take up further studies. Institutional requirements and subject requirements vary and may require a bridging module(s) to qualify for admission into the programme.


The need for trained and qualified office managers is key to organizations in the business world. Our graduates are employed both in the private and government sectors as office secretaries, office administrators and office managers. Today’s technology-driven business requires competent personnel to facilitate an efficient office administration system.


For further information, please download our Prospectus and see pages 155 to 159.