HCom (Higher Certificate in Office Management)

Office managers and office secretaries are the backbone in the businesses providing support to smooth functioning of the office.  If you are organized, efficient and reliable, join the programme for a fulfilling career.

1 YEAR NQF Level 5

Programme Purpose

The purpose of this programme is:

  • To provide training in secretarial and office administration for both first time job seekers and employees with experience who wish to advance their careers.
  • To develop proficiency in practical skills in computer applications.
  • To cultivate communication skills in interacting within the organization and with the clients of the organization.
  • To gain expertise in office procedures and managing a technology driven office.

Qualifications Outcomes



The office management skills to work within the structures of the organization and aiding to the smooth flow of office functions.  Expertise in planning, expediting, and facilitating the creation and management of correspondence and records management using office technology.


Principles and Practices

The ability to apply management principles to carry out office duties; analyse and understand customer queries to provide best customer service. The Practical skills in forming good office etiquette and good work habits.


Communication Skills

The skills in effective communication to present and communicate both verbally and non-verbally within a diverse work environment. The ability to communicate within teams and departments of the business using appropriate channels of communication.


Business Operations

The understanding of office procedures and office systems in expediting the executive functions of the business.


Problem Solving

The ability to identify problems in office situations,  select appropriate methods of office management, which includes simplification of office systems and procedures, project management and time management.


Lifelong learning

Ability to acquire and use skills that will lead to continuous learning, sharing of knowledge, and the capacity to maintain intellectual curiosity


Ethical Decision Making

Decision making skills to uphold the highest standards of service and work habits based on integrity and respect.

Graduate Attributes:

Acquire subject knowledge in the areas of office management, computer application, business administration, basic accounting, basic law, communication, public relations and values. 

The ability to plan, schedule work and manage time efficiently. 

The skills in understanding self and interacting with people in work situations, which includes developing personal qualities that support in carrying office duties efficiently and managing conflict. 

The ability to apply effective, creative and innovative solutions, both independently and cooperatively, to carry out office duties. 

Proficiency in computer application and office technologies.

Further Studies:

Advanced Certificate in Office Management or Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Management.

Employment Opportunities:

Successful graduates may be employed in public and private organizations as:
Office managers
Office secretaries
Administrative assistants
Personal assistants
Customer relations officer
Accounts clerk
Public relations officer
Front office manager, etc.


Corporate Communication


HOM 115 Office Management IA (12 credits)

HOM 116 Office Management IB (12 credits0

HOM 120 Business Computing IA (12 credits)

HOM 121 Business Computing IB (12 credits)

HOM 135 Business Administration (12 credits)      

HOM 136 Basic Law (12 credits)

HOM 145 Communication IA (8 credits)

HOM 146 Communication IB (12 credits)

HOM 155 Work Integrated Learning A (8 credits)

HOM 156 Work Integrated Learning B (4 credits)

HOM 170 Introduction to Public Relations (12 credits)

HOM 180 Basic Accounting (12 credits)



HLD 123 HIV/AIDS Education (4 credits)

REB 117 Values, Character, & Personal Enrichment I (8 credits)