Helderberg maintains a campus wide network to ensure virtually all buildings have internet access.  Many kilometres of fibre optic cable link the core buildings to the main distribution facility.  Wireless access is available in nearly all buildings on campus (including dormitories and classrooms).

Registered students can access the internet in the computer labs, and with their own computers around campus on the wireless network. Visitors and guests staying in the Guest Rooms can also access the internet with their own devices (contact the Ladies Dean at the Guest Rooms for more information).  Guests not staying in the Guest Rooms may utilise the public access computers in the library.

All students accessing the network are required to login with a username and password.  Computers in the computer labs, and any personal desktop/laptop or other networkable device (eg. cell/mobile phones), requires these access details.  Once users access the network (through wireless or fixed line), they are required to login to a captive portal, and once this is done, the computer or device will be able to access the internet.

All internet browsers are supported with our web portal, though the Computer Services Department does actively promote Firefox and Google Chrome.

Currently, registered Helderberg students receive unlimited internet bandwidth (with some restrictions) to use with their personal computers, and mobile devices while on campus. Basic filters on pornography, peer to peer protocols, and malicious content is done automatically for those accessing the internet.

Most buildings on campus have wireless access.  Below shows a general aerial view of wireless enabled areas on campus.

Wireless Access Map – Numbers below refer to active wireless zones

1=Anderson Hall, 2=Music, 3=Salisbury House, 4=Branson (Admin), 5=Theology, 6=Glanz/Gym/Cafeteria, 7=Information Technology, 8=Anne Viser House, 9=Library, 10=English Language & Maintenance Buildings





General Overview:

The College maintains three computer laboratories on campus, two for instruction and one for practice.

Currently the Practice lab or Work Lab, holds about 40 computers, while the main Instruction Lab or Lecture Lab maintains 36.  The Lecture Lab is also used as a practice lab when no lectures are taking place.

The third is a smaller lab, mainly utilised by the Office Management classes.  It holds 16 computers.

All the labs have printing capabilities and are connected to the internet.  The Computer labs currently do not have internet bandwidth “caps”, though we do filter and throttle usage.

Both lecture labs have data projectors.



Software and Usage:

The Labs are open to registered Helderberg students only, though we do allow staff and faculty if there is an urgent need.  Campus visitors can utilise the Pieter Wessels Library Public Access computers if they so need internet access.

All access to the lab computers is done through a username and password.  The computers are installed with various applications such as Microsoft Office 2016, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Pastel Accounting (we are a Pastel certified ATC) and E-Sword Bible software.  Students can access the internet on all computers, and once registered are given a Helderberg email account free of charge. Particular computers also have Adobe Photoshop installed.

Registered students are given a printing credit at the beginning of each semester.  Once this is finished, they need to purchase credit at the Finance Office.



Opening & Access times:

Monday to Thursday – 8am to 10:30pm

Friday – 8am to 2pm

Saturday – 8pm to 10:30pm

Sunday – 12pm to 10:30pm

Holidays – Either closed or different opening times are posted.

Social Networking, Filtering & Other Restrictions

Currently the Lab computers block internet access to social networking sites (eg., Facebook/Youtube) from 8am to 4pm (except weekends).  Gaming, chatting, and Pornography sites are blocked all the time.  These restrictions are only in the Computer Labs, though blocking of pornography, peer to peer and malicious content is extended to the rest of the campus.  We encourage students to use the Lab computers for work related tasks.

NO FOOD is allowed in the computer labs.  Students are requested to please leave the items at their feet or in their bags if it must be brought in.  Students are encouraged not to break this rule as it often causes the keyboards and mouse devices to get dirty.

IT Reception is available to help students with issues pertaining to network access.

For any additional information, please contact the IT Manager.

Mr L Bender
021 850 7518