Pieter Wessels Library

All librarians are there to assist you with research queries. Ask any librarian to help you if you have problems locating helpful media.

Finding Reference material in your library:

  • General reference books are marked with a RED sticker
  • Theology reference books have a GREEN sticker
  • Ancient Language (eg. Hebrew and Greek) books have a BLUE sticker
  • Combrinck Collection has a GOLD sticker

Reference books are placed on the low wooden bookshelves for easy access. These are for use in the library and may not be taken out. Please do not return reference books which you have removed from the shelves back onto these shelves, as statistics are kept to monitor usage.

Periodicals are reference media and may never leave the library – this includes current issues, back numbers and bound volumes.



Public Access Computers

These computers are located on the main floor of the library for those students doing Research, with access to the internet and various databases; there are also CD-ROMS available for your use. Please book a computer at the circulation desk and ask for assistance if necessary. These computers are available for research purposes; the circulation librarian will monitor the use of the public access computers.


Media which may be borrowed must be checked out at the circulation desk. Please do not wait until the bell is rung for the closing of the library before you check out the media you want to borrow. Study books are lent for a week free of charge with the option of a renewal. Recreational reading material is lent for two weeks, at the discretion of the librarian. DVDs are lent out for a period of three days, no more than 4 DVDs at a time, and without the facility to renew these items.

Inter-library Loans are available for material held in other libraries. As it takes a while to request and receive media from other libraries, please plan appropriately and ask for an inter-library loan timeously.

Conference Room

This room, which also contains the Bound Periodicals, may be used for meetings or group tasks. Book the room in advance at the circulation desk. Facilities for watching DVDs, Hope Channel and Television are available in the Library Conference Room. A media projector is also available allowing groups of students to view for example Powerpoint presentations. Please don’t return those bound periodicals which you use, to the shelves (statistics of usage are kept for each day).

Classification and Media Department

Here media are classified according to the Dewey Decimal System before being sent down to the Technical Services Department. Here you will also be helped with finding information from newspapers (going back many years) by means of SABINET’s SA Media database. This department also controls a large stock of media such as pictures, posters, maps, teaching aids such as games and kits, and articles gleaned from magazines and newspapers. Please ask to be shown what is available on various subjects according to your research needs.

Dewey Decimal Classification System

Books are arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System in the ten major disciplines:

  • 000 Generalities
  • 100 Philosophy & Psychology
  • 200 Religion
  • 300 Social Sciences
  • 400 Languages
  • 500 Sciences
  • 600 Technology
  • 700 Arts
  • 800 Literature
  • 900 Geography and History

The Dewey classification number is located on each book’s spine and is its address on the shelves. Remember the numbers after the decimal point working on the same principal as normal decimals, dividing the subjects into more specific details, but referring back to the major headings.

The DDC order is a broken one, with subjects compartmentalised to some degree – Religion and Ellen G White downstairs; Social Sciences, Business, Communication and Education on the top floor, and Psychology, Philosophy, Languages, Sciences, Technology, Arts, Literature (including Fiction) on the main floor. Similarly the general reference books are on the main floor and the theology reference books on the very Bottom Floor. However, within these broad divisions the books are in Dewey order and then alphabetical usually by author.




Our library catalogue is called FUNDI, meaning “expert” in South African lingo. This catalogue is available on all the public access computers, as well as on computers on the Theology floor and a computer on the Top Floor. The software (ILS) which we use is INMAGIC’s DB/TextWorks, which enables us to perform our library functions in an integrated manner. We are in the process of entering all types of media on the catalogue and are working towards a web-based catalogue, which will appear as a hypertext link on this website.


  • Academic Search Elite
  • SAMedia
  • SDA Periodical Index


Four daily local newspapers and three weekly newspapers are available on the stands for our readers.

Through SABINET, Helderberg has access to:

  1. a) SA Media

Records from SA newspapers and Periodicals, from 1978 onwards;
500 articles selected daily;
Categorised according to 22 topics, in English and Afrikaans;
All articles published from 1977 available in full text.

  1. b) Students and staff are able to request Inter-Library Loan System

Electronic Journals (full-text)

See the Periodicals Librarian to gain access to online databases available for some of the periodicals which are subscribed to in print

For any additional information, please contact the Library Manager.

Ms G Geduld
021 850 7558