Choosing an institution for pursuing higher education is a major decision that will impact a person’s direction and philosophy of life.  Consider Helderberg College which offers an education that emphasizes holistic development: head, hand and heart and provides values-based education that emphasizes character development. In the words of Ellen White, “Something more is called for than culture of the intellect.  Education is not complete unless the body, the mind and the heart are equally educated. The character must receive proper discipline for its fullest and highest development. All the faculties of mind and body are to be developed and rightly trained”, MH P.98.

The College is a part of a global education system of the Seventh-day Adventists, who operate over 115 Colleges or Universities around the world. We have a distinct “philosophy of education” that assures success in professional career and personal life. Many cases can be cited of our graduates who have achieved in life and contributed to the Church and society.  In existence for 125 years, the College has been delivering high quality, values-based higher education and we make every effort to provide a service par excellence.

The College is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training of the Government of South Africa and accredited by the Council on Higher Education and self-regulated by Adventist Accreditation Association.

As a College community we attempt to provide an environment that protects our students from undesirable and unwholesome things of the world with a drug and alcohol free campus. We aim to develop competent graduates characterized by subject knowledge, cognitive skills, job-related skills, soft-skills in addition to ethics and values.

We welcome you to Helderberg College, your Christian varsity of excellence.

Vincent R Injety, PhD

The President’s Office
Dr VR Injety
Tel: 021 850 7500