Online Learner Management Systems

Below are various platforms for online learner management systems.

    There are numerous functions already happening in SMP. In this case, the two areas you would likely use the most, is the assessment/grading and eLearning options. If you can’t remember your password, reset it on the SMP home page. SMP is an excellent way of also viewing your class list (with email addresses), and even sending messages to your class.

      Follow these steps to create a new assessment

      1. Log in to SMP and select My Courses

      2. Select the course you would like to create the assessment for and select View

      3. Select the Assessments tab. If there are no assessments, click on Options / Add Assessment

      4. Under Name type in Group 1 (First or Second Semester).
      Add a Weighting Percentage. (If you have 1 Assessment and an Exam the percentage could be 25 and 75 respectively) In the case of the image it is just one mark and the weighting is 100
      Select the date range for the semester 

      5. Tick the box to allow for file uploads, if the assessment is done online.

      6. Click on Save

      7. Click on the bottom options button and then you canEdit the Assessment or Set Questions or Capture Marks.

        Follow these steps for uploading files to a module for your students to access

      Follow these steps to create a new assessment

      1. Log in to SMP and select My Courses

      2. Select the course you would like to upload a file to

      3. Select the Helderberg College Tab
      4. Then the e-Learning Tab.
      5. Underneath e-Learning tab you can select the Add a chapter.

      6. A new dialogue appears to add a chapter.
      7. Add a name to the section where you want to upload to
      8. You can add a description for further clarification
      9. Select Save

      10. Inside this Chapter that you have created, you must Add a Page
      11. Then give the Page a Title
      12. Select Save

      13. Note that the Page is not visible
      14. Select change to allocate a time when this needs to be visible.

      15. Select the time frame
      16. Select Save

      17. Now select Upload Files

      18. Choose Select Files and navigate to the file on your computer that you want to upload.
      This can only be done, one file at a time.

      19. Once its uploaded, Select Save

      20. You will see the file that is now ready for download.
      21. Click on Upload Files to add more files


      Loom: an easy way to record and share videos with students.


        This is easily accessed from your Google Email window. If you login to your email, go to the Google Apps menu (top right corner – where the nine small dots are), you can scroll down to Google Classroom. It will just be called “Classroom”.
        You can also use this link to Google Classroom:
        Here is a Youtube tutorial on setting up Classroom. It is very helpful: 
          Watch the video below on how to set up a self grading test in Google Classroom 
            View this quick video on setting up a Discussion Group in Google Classroom

              GOOGLE MEET

              Linked with your College email, it used to be called Google Hangouts, but now called Google Meet. Accessed with logging into your email and going to the Google apps menu.
              The direct link:
              Instructions and setup help:
                Here is a video on how to use Google Classroom AND integrate Google Meet for a video session. 


                Feature rich! Let us know which modules you would like to use so that we can activate your profile on the HCHE Moodle system


                  Click here for instructions on how to create a class

                    Click here for instructions on how to create an assignment for students


                      Zoom is a video conferencing site. You can use this to do 1 to 1 session with a student, or 1 to many. Zoom has free and paid options. The free option allows for up to 100 students in your session at once, but is limited to 40 minutes. This time should be adequate to convey important information and answer some questions. The main link is
                      You will need to set up a free account to access, but you can sign in with your College email account as well.