Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is constituted to give students experience in leadership and organisation in the student activities at the College. It also provides student representation in the different administrative levels of the College. The students elect the officers annually. The Director: Student Services acts as the sponsor of the SRC.

Student Representative Coucil for 2017:

President: Hlalanathi Rabebe | 3rd year Theology

Vice-President: Joel Kroutz | 4th year Theology

Secretary: Lungelwa Ngcakaza | 2nd year Psychology

Treasurer: Chumisa Mzandisi | 3rd year Business Management

Public Relations Officer: Wayne van Tonder | 3rd year Psychology

Student Services: Allistair Adams | 3rd year Theology

Spiritual Coordinator: Ayanda Mdokwana | 3rd year Theology

Social Coordinator: Pako Golelelwang | 2nd year Business Administration

Sports Coordinator: Tshepang Lecheko | 3rd year Theology