Our English Language programme was created to equip young men and women with not only the skill, but the confidence to communicate fluently in spoken and written English.

We’ve created a space for students that is loving, respectful and dignified, where all levels from beginners to advanced will flourish and in turn give back to their own communities with care and compassion. Learn with us! Start today!

Programme Purpose

The purpose of this programme:

The English Language programme is designed to encourage students to communicate fluently and clearly in spoken and written English. The programme prepares them for further study, or the English workplace.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop young men and women with enquiring, creative minds in an environment of love, trust and respect for the dignity of all. We seek to develop the spiritual, mental, physical and emotional faculties of all our students, in order for them to reach their full potential and then to leave here and serve their communities with care and compassion.

Qualifications Outcomes


The objective of the programme is for students to demonstrate proficiency in both written and spoken English.


Obtaining a 60% pass in each of the four aspects in a particular level will enable to the student to proceed to the next level.

Further Studies:

Completing one or more of the English as a Second Language levels in the ELI would contribute to being admitted to an English undergraduate or graduate programme internationally.


English Language Institute – 1 Year

ELI 100 Beginner Reading (20 credits)
ELI 102 Beginner Writing (20 credits)
ELI 104 Beginner Grammar (20 credits)
ELI 106 Beginner Speaking / Listening (20 credits)
ELI 110 Elementary Reading (20 credits)
ELI 112 Elementary Writing (20 credits)
ELI 114 Elementary Grammar (20 credits)
ELI 116 Elementary Speaking / Listening (20 credits)
ELI 120 Pre-Intermediate Reading (20 credits)
ELI 122 Pre-Intermediate Writing (20 credits)
ELI 124 Pre-Intermediate Grammar (20 credits)
ELI 126 Pre-Intermediate Speaking / Listening (20 credits)
ELI 130 Intermediate Reading (20 credits)
ELI 132 Intermediate Writing (20 credits)
ELI 134 Intermediate Grammar (20 credits)
ELI 136 Intermediate Speaking / Listening (20 credits)
ELI 140 Upper-Intermediate Reading (20 credits)
ELI 142 Upper-Intermediate Writing (20 credits)
ELI 144 Upper-Intermediate Grammar (20 credits)
ELI 146 Upper-Intermediate Speaking / Listening (20 credits)
ELI 150 Advanced Reading (20 credits)
ELI 152 Advanced Writing (20 credits)
ELI 154 Advanced Grammar (20 credits)
ELI 156 Advanced Speaking / Listening (20 credits)
TOEFL Preparation
ELI 160 TOEFL Speaking (20 Credits)
ELI 162 TOEFL Listening (20 Credits)
ELI 164 TOEFL Writing (20 Credits)
ELI 166 TOEFL Reading (20 Credits)



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