Faculty of Business

The Faculty of Business prepares graduates not only with specialized knowledge in various fields of business but also creates opportunities to develop all facets of life.

In addition, we emphasize on ethics, values and service which are very much needed at the workplace and in our society.  We believe this unique approach keeps our graduates distinct and ahead of others in the world of business.

We are privileged to play a part in your successful educational journey at this institution. I want to assure you of an enjoyable and enlightening experience with great prospects that lie ahead of you. I sincerely believe there is a blessing in pursuing your higher education at our Christian institution and completing your Bachelor’s degree at Helderberg College of Higher Education.

It is our aim not only to equip you with the necessary skills and competencies needed for the job market but also to train you to prepare for life and positively influence the society.

The Faculty of Business offers BCom (Accounting), BBA (Management), BCom (Human Resources Management) and a Higher Certificate in Office Management.

Welcome to the campus where we care for your studies, personal growth as well as your faith in God which is the source of true knowledge and success.

The degrees offered at this institution are accredited by the Council on Higher Education and registered with the Department of Education of the Republic South Africa since 2004. Please feel free to contact me below if you have any queries. You can download an application form here. We also offer the option to apply online by clicking here.

Lynda Injety, BCom Hons, MA, PGJMC, PGDHE
Dean, Faculty of Business

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Contact Details

Telephone: +27 21 850 7569 / +27 21 850 7500
Fax: +27 21 850 7547
Email: info@hbc.ac.za

27 Annandale Drive
Helena Heights
Somerset West, 7130
South Africa


Helderberg College of Higher Education is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training as a private higher education institution in terms of section 54(1)(c) of the Higher Education Act, (Act No. 101 of 1997), Certificate No. 2001/HE08/001.