Faculty of Social Science and Education

A place to learn, connect and grow in the fundamentals of a well-rounded education.

Welcome to our nurturing environment in the field of social sciences and education. Here we aim to equip students with a wide range of professional and interpersonal skills which include spiritual, intellectual, social and physical elements.
Our small classes help us create spaces in which students can discuss, work together and learn from their lecturer academically and spiritually.
It’s our goal to enlighten, inspire and ultimately assist you in reaching your own career and personal goals.

The degrees offered at this institution are accredited by the Council on Higher Education and registered with the Department of Education of the Republic of South Africa since 2004. Please feel free to write to contact me below if you have any queries. You can download an application form here. We also offer the option to apply online by clicking here.

Rina Sharp – BEd Honors, HEd
Dean, Faculty of Social Science and Education

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