Choosing a higher education institution for pursuing degree studies is a major decision in life. It is a life-shaping decision as it opens-up pathways to a professional career, empowerment and a successful life. Education however, impacts more than that, it enables a person to form a philosophy of life and world-view, set and pursue the right goals and achieve a sense of fulfilment.

Consider joining Helderberg College of Higher Education, an institution that enables you to achieve your goals and establish a world-view with its unique philosophy of education. We provide values-based education, holistic training—head, heart and the hand and educate on all aspects of learning: Knowing (knowledge), Doing (practical skills) and Being (values and ethics). Our special mission and distinctiveness lies in producing graduates with values, principles and ethical leaders much needed in the world today. 

In the words of Ellen White, “Something more is called for than culture of the intellect. Education is not complete unless the body, the mind and the heart are equally educated. The character must receive proper discipline for its fullest and highest development. All the faculties of mind and body are to be developed and rightly trained”. MH, p.198.  We believe, our approach to education gives a person not only professional success but also a sense of fulfilment. 

The programs, curricula, extra-curricular activities and the ethos of the institution are underpinned by Seventh-day Adventist education philosophy. The staff are committed to the education philosophy of the College and serve as mentors and coaches.  

As a College community, we attempt to provide our students with a conducive learning environment as well as a setting that protects our students from undesirable and unwholesome things of the world where we have a drug-free and alcohol-free campus.  

In existence for over 127 years, the College has been delivering high quality, higher education and a service par excellence to the students.  

I welcome you to Helderberg College of Higher Education, your Christian varsity of excellence.

Vincent R Injety, MBA, PhD, PGDTE

Tel: 021 850 7500


Our academic year is made up of just two semesters, with between 65 – 70 lecture days.

Registration takes place at the beginning of each semester, but if you’re registering for the first time, make sure you read the registration section of the Prospectus carefully so that you bring the right documents. All new students also get to enjoy a fun-filled orientation programme at the beginning of the semester, so you can get to know your College and peers better.

When applying, remember that we also consider students that might qualify for Recognition of Prior Learning. That means that through an RPL Portfolio Course, an English test and interview, the College will recognize that a learner has sufficiently mastered the content of parts of a course of study prior to the degree applied for, either formally or informally, and will grant formal recognition for that knowledge. Please note that a limited number of students can be admitted through this route.

Because it’s important to us that each student is immersed in the ethos of Helderberg, we do insist that every student spend one year in residence on the campus during their qualification. Remember, like any educational institution, we take academic dishonesty very seriously. Make sure you understand what plagiarism is very carefully, as well as our stance on cheating and colluding. You can find all of this explained in detail in the College Prospectus.

College Assembly attendance, intensives, credit transfer, auditing classes, out of class activities

Your results are issued at the end of each semester, so you can see the fruits of your labour! Good luck, future student!