Welcome to your Christian varsity of excellence

Helderberg College of Higher Education (HCHE) has a proud heritage! We are part of the second-largest education system in the world, and are operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. We have 118 Colleges and Universities around the world in 90 countries. The College, which was established in 1893, has been operating for over 126 years. We offer you quality education in South Africa and the SADC region. You can find Helderberg College in the beautiful town of Somerset West, on the slopes of Helderberg mountain, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. We are a mere twenty minutes’ drive from the airport and 40 minutes from Cape Town. 

HCHE is different from many other tertiary institutions because of our educational philosophy and approach, which has an impact on everything we do. Our College has a special mission and a very different philosophy of education. This philosophy recognizes that true education has to do with the well-balanced development of THE WHOLE a person- HEAD, HEART AND THE HAND. Helderberg College of Higher Education prepares you thoroughly for all aspects of your life: intellectual, PROFESSIONAL, PRACTICAL, spiritual AND social. 

Our graduates do not only have the knowledge (KNOWING) and skills (DOING) needed for their chosen profession, but have learnt values, ethics and a love FOR SERVICE (BEING).